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Beer Drinkers of the Year Award

Previous winners

Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC MP 1994

Jack Charlton OBE 1995

Anna Chancellor 1996

John Lowe 1997

John Cryne 1998

Michael Parkinson OBE 1999

Edward Kelsey 2000

Darren Gough 2001

HRH the Prince of Wales 2002

Nigel Jones MP 2003 Roger Protz 2004

Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP 2005

Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff 2006

Michel Roux 2007

Nick Hewer 2008

David and Robert Aynesworth 2009

Owners of the Craven Arms

Awarded for the furtherance of the Real Ale Revolution.

Award tankard from the

All Party Beer Group on display in the Pub.

  In the cellar we pride ourselves on serving the best possible real ale. Our reputation has grown though keeping the beers in tip top condition.

  All a cask conditioned in our own cellar, with meticulous attention to cellarmanship & beer care.


Sample of the Ale Board Yorkshire Lager Guinness Yorkshires Perfect Pint

Yorkshires Perfect Pint series

  You should be short of nothing at the bar, with huge choice of local & special stock awaiting. A wide choice of beers, wines, gins & top shelf spirits. As well as quality & strong tea & cafetiere coffee, Hot Choc & even Bovril. House made pickled eggs & Green teas.


Supplied in hand made Craven oak casks by the Cooper of Theakstons.

Theakstons Old Peculier from the wood. The epitome of great British brewing. Here on tap.

Tap Room

The Tap Room


Greene Kings IPA advert

Beer related films shot here at the Pub

  Ale in the dale is an important part of local life. It is essential that we serve the very best local beers to our customers. Not only does this give great awareness of the local products but it also creates a great talking point at our bar. Why not join the conversation?

Society of Beers From The Wood Award

  30 years ago the British beer industry was at its lowest point with little choice due to the huge breweries having bought or pushed out the smaller breweries. Foreign larger's & keg ales became the norm as the huge conglomerates tried to take over the countries brewing industry.

  Fortunately the public had had enough & revolted and as the Campaign for Real Ale did, the Craven Arms has embraced this “real” cask ale revolution.  Individual local beers are now being produced by small “micro” breweries & the public are demanding them. Ladies are now opting for & savouring a craft beer.

Keeping the beers is not easy. They are living things and the conditioning of them in the cellar to get them to the bar in peak condition requires considerable attention to detail.

  The Craven Arms is passionate about the cellar work and this is

 bourne out by the rapidly increasing sales being experienced.

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